Nickola Mae Life Reentry Practitioner & Health Coach


Have you experienced a great loss in your life? Are you thinking about what’s next in your life but a part of you still feels like something is missing? Does the thought of “what’s next” feel daunting and depleting?  

As a Life Reentry Practitioner, I will help you gently unpack and sort through all the thoughts feelings and emotions.  I will help you gain clarity, insight, and control to empower you to plug into life.  Which will not just empower you to live again but to thrive again.


What is the Life Reentry® Model

"The Life Reentry model provides the tools for those coping with loss to redefine their sense of self , rediscover joy,  and return to functioning wholeheartedly in all aspects of their lives.  

The Life Reentry model does not replace old models of grief, instead it is the next step in the journey to healing and new life after loss, illness, or a challenging life transition."  Life Reentry Institute

The Life Reentry Process


  • Weekly one-hour sessions via zoom, phone, or in person at designated meeting spots

  • Group sessions - ask practitioner for availability

  • Email support between sessions

  • Hand-outs and other materials




"You can do the impossible because you have been through the unthinkable."

— Christina Rasmussen